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The Kruger National Park is a wondrous place filled to the brim with all kinds of species, both plant and animal. Though a majority of animals in the Kruger are mostly herbivores, the Park is also filled with some of the most efficient and cunning hunters.


Lions are known as the King of the Jungle because of they are extremely efficient hunters and are feared by many in the Kruger. Prides hunt by sending the females to do the hunting and get food for the rest of the pride. Males are also known to take part in hunts and are used as muscle to take down large prey the females are unable to take down, like Buffalo and sometimes even Giraffe. Lions are strong social hunters and the Main Predators in the Kruger National park

Leopards are one of the most cunning hunters and predators in the Kruger. Preferring to live a solitary life, rather than being in a pride or group. Leopards are smaller than lions and much more agile. They are able to stalk their prey in the dense grass using their spotted coats to blend in. They will chase their prey down and carry them to unreachable areas where they are safe to eat their kill. Leopards are very protective over their cubs and will do anything to protect them.

Aside from the main predators that are excellent hunters, there are also some unique predators in the Kruger that are iconic. One of these predators is the Spotted and Brown Hyena. These mainly scavenging animals are very intimidating animals that are known to scare off lions from kills. They have a menacing appearance and a spine-chilling cackle as some of their intimidating traits. Hyenas are also effective hunters, hunting in packs and able to completely clear a kill, bones and all.

Predators aren’t just constrained to the ground, there are a lot of powerful predators that can be found in the air. Birds like the iconic African Fish Eagle, Bateleur Eagle, Crowned Eagle, Bat Hawk and many more are very efficient predatory birds that each hunt in a totally unique way. Falcons chase their prey at high speed or drop onto them from above with great speed, Owls are ambush birds that use stealth and surprise to catch their prey and Eagles will scout their prey and dive at them when the time is right.

The Kruger Park has a plethora of different predators aside from the ones mentioned and we encourage you to come to the Kruger and discover more of what the Kruger National Park has to offer.