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Why a guided Kruger Park safari is the Best Way to See the Kruger…and More of Your Questions Answered!

Why a guided Kruger Park safari is the Best Way to See the Kruger…and More of Your Questions Answered!

Since the park was first opened to the public in 1927, the Kruger National Park has been explored by countless travellers wanting to see wildlife living in a natural habitat. Those earliest adventurers would drive themselves or travel by train (this mode of transport did not last long), with the option of a laidback, guided tour not available.

Today’s travellers have the option of booking a guided Kruger Park tour, and for anyone wanting to have a relaxed, drive free experience, this is the best option.

Why is it best to go on a guided safari?

When you book a Kruger Park tour, you are booking for more than a guide. Packages come in all shapes and sizes, and they include certain logistics that you would otherwise have to tend to yourself. Things like accommodation, transfers and in some cases meals, are all taken care of when you choose a safari operator. Guests have the option of selecting an affordable budget safari or they can treat themselves to a luxury travelling experience. Safari packages are designed to suit all kinds of tastes.

You’ll leave with more than sightings

There is something for everyone in the Kruger National Park. It is so much more than a place to spot animals. The park is a fully functioning conservation area, and guests will spot rangers and other staff on duty while travelling the park. Guests will also have the opportunity to learn all about the animals, birds and plants which they encounter. There are 148 wildlife species and over 500 bird species living in the park. And guided safaris know exactly where to take guests so that they see as much as possible, something you won’t get from a self-drive.

guided tour

Guided tours are relaxed

All guided Kruger Park tours are laidback, unrushed affairs. The whole point of the safari is to see animals and you can’t do that when rushing. To truly appreciate the park, you need to take everything as it comes and accept that there are things you might not see. Guided tours help guests make the most of their trip, by spending as much time in the park as possible.

When planning your guided Kruger Park safari, you need to consider how much time you want to spend in the park. It makes sense to say that the more time you spend in the park, the more of it you will see. 5 days are generally better than a single day, although with that being said, the sightings you are treated to are purely the luck of the dice so to speak. The animals have no schedule and no place to be. Some lucky day visitors have seen the Big 5 in the space of a morning while others can spend a week in the park and see almost nothing.

Unlike other safari companies, Wanyama books guests into the Kruger. This means you’ll be staying in the park while enjoying a safari. Other companies tend to book guest accommodation in places around the park, but that doesn’t always give guests a real African experience. We have a number of safari packages for you to choose from, and each safari is made to give you plenty of time in the park.

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