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The Kruger National Park is the Crown Jewel of South Africa’s Lowveld and is a very popular tourist attraction for tourists and locals alike. The Park has Hundreds of unique species of animals, including reptiles and birds, Plant life and also have some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. One of the reasons the Kruger Park is so world famous is because of a very rare and amazing group of animals that can be spotted while going on a safari. This legendary group of animals is known as the Big 5. But what is the Big 5 you ask? What makes them so special?

The Big 5 is a group of animals that can only be found in the Kruger National Park and consists of the African Elephant, the Cape Buffalo, the Lion, the Leopard and the Rhino. These are the most beautiful and most powerful animals in the Kruger National Park and have a very famous reputation.

The Reason the Big 5 is so popular and why they received the name Big 5 is they originally used to be the ultimate Trophy for big game hunters. If you were able to Hunt these 5 animals you immediately gained respect and fame in the hunting community. The Lion is considered the King of the jungle and as definitely earned that title. With an intimidating presence, dominating stance and a spine chilling roar, the Lion is definitely a force to be messed with. The Cape Buffalo is a powerful and fierce animal that is a pivotal role in the cycle of life. The Rhino Is the rare and beautiful powerhouse of the Kruger National Park that makes it a privilege to see. The Leopard is the Stealthy and secretive predator that can usually be found in the treetops scouting its next meal It is very majestic and a powerful warrior. The Elephant is the largest land animal in the world and also the largest member of the Big 5 in the Kruger National Park. This animal is very majestic and also a very powerful animal that gives you the feeling of powerlessness compared to the size of this animal.

Nature is very unpredictable and nature does not cater to your individual preferences and expectations. This means that you cannot go to the Park and expect to see the Big 5 in a single day or immediately as you enter. These animals all have their own lives and do heir own thing in their day to day lives and won’t always show up to the areas that you are passing by. There are plenty of interesting paces to visit while going on your hunt for the Big 5 in the Kruger National Park like visiting different museums, watering holes, animal hotspots and animal sighting boards to see where other members of the public has spotted some animals. You can actually use the animal sighting board to plan out your route to see the Big 5 easily and get a lot of sightings in your day.