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The Summer time is the best time to go bird watching as all of the colourful bird species can be seen in the Kruger National Park.

Violet-backed Starling

This beautiful and brightly coloured bird is unbelievably, a member of the Oxpecker and Mynan family. The Plum Starling has a brightly coloured top that are different shades of purple and has a white under side. This bird can be seen foraging on the floor for ants, locusts and other bugs. It prefers densely wooded canopies of trees, like Mopani Groves.

Black-headed Oriole

The Black-headed Oriole is a small bird that can be found in the Acacia Woodlands and in denser shrublands. This bird sports an all yellow body with grey and white feathers alternating near the tips of its wings to make for a beautiful arrangement. Though these birds are very brightly colored, you are more likely to hear them before you will see them. If you hear a fluid warble followed by a series of whistles and imitations, you will can be sure that these beauties are somewhere nearby.

Southern Carmine Bee-eater

Bee Eaters are known for having very beautiful colorations and this one is no exception. The Southern Carmine Bee Eater has It has a very unique formation on its tail fan where there will be a few feathers in the middle that are much longer than the rest. It has a very light spot on its lower back, as well as on its head, there is also a bright pinkish underside that pairs beautifully with the red colour of the bird. These birds spend most of the breeding season in Zimbabwe after which it will fly down more south during the summer. These birds can be seen flying at a low altitude over rivers, flood lands and vleis.

Lilac-breasted Roller

One of the most beautiful birds in the Kruger National Park, the Lilac breasted Roller, or Troupant, is a very colourful bird with most of its feathers being a light teal, it has a plum coloured spot on its chest, with its wings being a light Golden colour. It has light brown spots under its eyes that represent blusing cheeks. The Roller perches on branches to look for Lizards, insects and small prey like frogs. The Lilac breasted Roller will often make their nests in termite mounds or cavities in trees. The Lilac Breasted Roller is one of the most iconic birds to be found in the Kruger National Park.